Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad acorn loves his Mum.

I've revisited the acorn and come up with this bad guy. I'm pleased with the embroidery but not sure if I've got his proportions right yet. More work required, I think.

Meet me at Mikes is running a "five favs" - post five of your favourite things for the week. Actually not that easy as these aren't your favourite things of all time but new, of-the-moment favourites.
So, here're mine...
1. Feijoas fresh off the trees in my garden. Yum!
2. My favourite new blog Hodge Podge Farm
3. where I discovered Cal Patch's fabulous book on patternmaking, Design-it-yourself clothes. I'm so enthusiastic about it. It's a skill I've longed to master.
4. My new Kathmandu puffer jacket. It's crazy but I find myself hoping we have a cold Winter so I can wear it heaps.
5. The World Cinema Showcase - wee film festival currently showing in Auckland.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Crazy road cone antics in a neighbouring suburb. The question here though isn't why but how?

And, in an attempt to organise my workspace - to increase my productivity! - I discovered all this nice ribbon. I just keep buying it. Somehow I've decided good ribbon is hard to find but, obviously, I'm looking in some of the right places. I feel now I need a good project to use it all up. Well, some of it anyway.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hoorah! I've finished my fox. I tried Nimoe's pattern again and it worked out well. What I've realised is you need to really pack the stuffing into the completed parts (head, body etc) to sort of mold them into the shapes you want.

I've been a bit fox obsessed ever since my UK trip. The friends we stayed with in London have foxes living on the rail embankment behind their house; foxes that sometimes even come into their garden - and bring their cute wee cubs with them. I saw a couple of foxes running along the rail tracks but, of course, on the day I stood out with my camera in that fine English drizzle, no foxes showed themselves. Even though National Geographic estimated that in 2006 there were “upward of 10,000 foxes” living in London! Where are they when you want one?

Apparently you don't even need to have a garden in London to see one. Just traveling by Tube could be enough - as this fox riding an escalator in the London Underground proves.

Sadly, no foxes in New Zealand – except amigurumi ones. I’ll think I’ll take mine to work. She can sit on my desk to remind me of my London friends and holiday.

And here’s a bit more awesome foxy stuff – cushion from Donna Wilson.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chooks, facial hair and trolls

My goal of (at least) a weekly post has been a bit beyond me. But, hey, its summer and who can resist a weekend of sunshine and swimming and vineyards on Waiheke? This is the view from the place we stayed at overlooking Huruhi Bay - just wonderful.

And now the owners have chickens who provide yum free-range eggs for breakfast!

Even if I haven't been creative - others have. Look at these adorable beardy brooches by handmade romance.

But I have done a little shopping and bought this odd troll family. Why? I have no idea. But I couldn't resist. I love the one with the purple hair. I've decided he's the rebellious teenage son! I have a strong desire to dress them up in cute little outfits. But, first, (today!) I must finish a dress I've been sewing for myself. And go to spin class.