Sunday, May 27, 2012

Borage and an upside

This is borage. It was foggy yesterday morning and I couldn't resist taking a photo of this borage with its furry buds and stalks covered in mist. And even though it was a dull, damp, grey day it really felt like autumn. It reminded me of this.

And this is the upside of major house renovations. Because we're not living in our house there isn't a lot to do in the evenings. So I've been watching tv and knitting. This is a little cross-over baby jacket I finished this week. I used this pattern and Shepherd baby wool merino 4 ply. I love the colours. It's an extra gift for the friend I made this for.

Watching 48hr film

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers' Day

I hope you had a happy Mothers' Day - either as a mother or with your mother. I spent the day with my mother and my children and had one of the loveliest Mothers' Days ever.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

out of the woods

Our house renovations seemed to have dragged on and on. But the floor guys start tomorrow so it could be finished over the next three weeks. I love what's been done so far especially this wallpaper, 'Woods' by Cole and Son. It seems a long time ago now when we were making design decisions and choosing colours and tiles and handles etc. It's good to see it all come together so well. And still like it.

I'm also loving Alstroemeria aka Peruvian Lily. It's great for picking as it lasts for ages. And it's beautiful.

Listening In my own time by Karen Dalton (finally, I've put my music on my phone) + Watching Breaking Bad season 3 + Dreaming about my new kitchen