Monday, October 29, 2012

nature baby


Here's a wee baby gift I made on Sunday morning. I personalised a lovely organic cotton t-shirt with a little embroidery. I was trying for something cute but gender-neutral. I really enjoyed this freer style of embroidery especially after the few cross stitch things I've done recently.
The t-shirt is from Nature Baby. I can hardly ever walk past the store without popping in.

Monday, October 22, 2012

hearts and flowers

If you live in Auckland you'll get the chance to add to your plant collection at the cactus and succulent show. On again in November from Friday 2nd till Sunday 4th. Maybe I'll see you there?

Have a great week.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

his and hers ...

little cross stitched tags for the lockers in our bathroom - one for him, one for me. Crimson thread on pale grey linen. The font is my own but inspired by many especially Marjorie Massey and her wonderful book, Made in France : Cross-stitch samplers.

You too can celebrate togetherness with these fabulous pillowcases from Curious Doodles.

Listening Stop making sense by Talking Heads + Reading Sharp by David Fitzpatrick + Watching Ruby Sparks + Homeland on DVD + The wire (season 3) + Eating gluten-free goodness at Kokako

Monday, October 8, 2012

one after another

Two more monkeys for the Great Sock Monkey Challenge. Columbine has kindly donated socks to the challenge and I'm pretty sure there are still some left. If you'd like to get some to make monkeys, join the challenge on Facebook, send a message saying you'd like some socks and you'll be sent some. Easy :)
have a happy week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

oi oi oi

I've been on a wee holiday in Sydney where I visited one of my favourite bookshops, Kinokuniya in George Street. Kinokuniya first opened in Japan in 1927 and has over 80 stores worldwide. The Sydney store opened in 1996. I'm going to 'like' it on FaceBook - because I do! It's a wonderful bookstore with a huge selection, a great atmosphere and helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff. But, even better, there is a large Japanese section with the biggest range of Japanese craft books you will ever see. I limited myself to just one purchase - an embroidery book called Heart warming life series #375. It's also available here from Stitchbird and online from Kinokuniya.

The photos are from the book and I especially like the first two designed by Mika Hirasa. It's like she's taken her needle and thread and simply drawn on the cloth. But everything in the book is cute and, even though it's written in Japanese, it's well illustrated so it's fairly easy to follow along and work out.