Monday, August 26, 2013

fog days

We have had lots of foggy mornings the past few weeks. But I quite like fog. I like how when you walk in it your hair gets wet and I like how it diffuses light. I took these photos in my garden this morning when everything was still wet with fog.

Listening Modern vampires of the city by Vampire Weekend.

Monday, August 19, 2013

dancing queen

We were in Australia last week staying in Melbourne and Apollo Bay. One of the highlights of the trip for me was visiting the Cape Otway lightstation. The photos show the road into the lightstation, one of the many koalas that live in the gum trees in the area, the lighthouse built in 1848 and the view from the top deck of the lighthouse. In the 1880s it must've been an isolated wild place. It's hard to imagine that Mary Anne Ford, the wife of one of the lighthouse keeper's from 1848-1878, birthed seven children on her own and managed to feed them all on rations delivered once every twelve months.

It was also a surprise - as it seemed so out of place - to discover the delicate pink wallpaper. It was a Christmas gift to the daughters of a lighthouse keeper back in the 1960s. A small piece was left intact during the restoration of the lighthouse and surrounding buildings. Did those little girls dream of ballerinas? Did they grow up to be dancers? Or, maybe, they became lighthouse keepers themselves?

Reading A sight for sore eyes by Ruth Rendall + Listening to Desire lines by Camera Obscura

Sunday, August 4, 2013

baby, baby

- red flame tree flowers - seen everywhere at the moment. The flame tree is one of those deciduous trees that flowers in spring before it has its new leaves so a big tree full of bright red flowers looks amazing.

- another baby beanie about to be wrapped in tissue and posted off to my new soon-to-be-born great great nephew, Oliver

- a pair of booties I knitted and crocheted onto sheepskin soles using this kit. I'm pleased with how they turned out - they'll be toasty warm - but they were impossible to photograph as they are a dark navy colour and fluffy (I used a possum merino yarn). Maybe next week I can reveal a big secret and tell you who they are for.

Have a good week.

Listening By the horns by Julia Stone + Reading The liberty tree by Suzanne Harrington